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"Gyllenhaal is a revelation once again, and the control of his instrument is a wonderful thing to witness. The character is unhinged, but precisely pitched. Unblinking and haunted, one imagines a rich back story for this character. While it’s never explicitly stated, much is suggested by Gyllenhaal’s fractured, on-the-edge performance and the environment around him; a lifetime of loneliness and isolation from an indifferent world that’s about to crack and manifest itself in all kinds of ugly fissures. The harsh fluorescent brilliance of “Nightcrawler” is just how in tune Gyllenhaal, Gilroy and the movie are. Bloom and the movie slowly uncoil in tandem lock and step to unveil much more than an unsocialized loner who’s listened to too many of Tony Robbins’ motivational speeches. But Gyllenhaal isn’t scene-chewing, and the humanity glimpsed early on is perhaps what makes his sinister transformation so creepy." [x]

Nightcrawler | Dan Gilroy, 2014

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Man, that was magical. Del Toro take note. The whimsical view of the apocalypse matched with the absolute horror of humanity is an equation that leads to an answer you probably didn’t see coming. It avoids tropes like the plague they are while still moving in a familiar direction. Honestly, it’s like nothing else.

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Under The Skin

I don’t have a single friend I would recommend this movie to, honestly. It’s probably the least accessible film I’ve ever watched. However, I liked it. It was challenging and allows you to draw your own conclusions (or even a plot).

The aesthetic was gorgeous and some of the cinematography was down right dream-like. I haven’t seen things like this before.

If you like art house and are familiar with how difficult this style of filmmaking can be to take in, check it out. Otherwise, don’t soil your weekend.

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So I’m not a fan of digital copies of movies. That being said, does anyone want my digital copies of the BluRays that I buy? Inbox me if you’re interested. I just got The Wolf of Wall Street and I have a few others. Pretty sure Django has one and The Act of Killing.

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I just finished The Counselor and wow. Never have I struggled so much with caring about a movie with everything going for it like I have with this. Honestly, I didn’t care for a single scene about this movie. I lied to myself for thirty minutes that I would get into it eventually, but the credits are rolling as I type this and Jesus Christ I don’t even know what happened. Don’t ask me because I’m serious, I didn’t follow it at all.

There was honestly a message at the end that said “The making of this film supported 13,000 jobs” and I guess that’s nice? People gotta work! Cameron Diaz is horrible and wow. This was just terrible.

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Wow, that was surprising. I’m in love with everything about this movie. It’s so refreshing even though it’s not a super original idea. Which is exactly what I needed. Everything that came out this year was hyperbolic or just extreme in some sense or another (graphic even). I needed this simplicity. This piece of life. Perfectly captured in black and white. Watch it please.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love Ron Howard, he’s a great guy. But I think Rush lacks the raw intensity that another director like Michael Mann would bring to the film. There’s nothing here we haven’t seen before I guess. Idk. For such a dangerous sport, the film seems rather tame.

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I’m sitting here in awe watching The Act of Killing. The people that made this had to just keep pinching themselves because the things these men are saying—it’s just unbelievable.

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Why are so many people trying to make carbon copies of 300 when it wasn’t even that amazing in the first place?
The fuck was this Hercules trailer I just saw

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