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In case anyone wanted to know: I played Bioshock Infinite for about five hours straight and it’s absolutely fantastic. I feel like I’ve been playing a film not a game. Every single aspect of this is perfect. Easily one of my favorite games of all time already. 

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So seriously.

Are me, Tia, and Korie the only people that think adding the Playstation Move to Bioshock: Infinite is a terrible, idiotic idea? We also fear that they’ll try to incorporate Kinect into it as well, which would be disastrous. Just leave that shit alone, guys.  Sony filled Irrational’s pockets with cash so that they’d do this and “have the upperhand” over Microsoft, I’m sure of that. It just pisses me off. Leave my hardcore games out of this fucking motion control schtick. It doesn’t need it and neither do I.

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